Most of my work consists of horses and dogs however I do also 

accept commission requests for portraits of humans and other animals. 


I typically use a photograph to reference while drawing a portrait.

If your photo is not great quality (not clear, dark image, damaged etc.) I would suggest providing a few photos to ensure I can get as much detail as possible. If you aren't sure if your photos will work please send them anyway and I will let you know if I can't use them. I try my best to work with all photos.

Portraits can be customized to be exactly what you want - Whether

you are looking for black & white or colour, small scale or large

scale, single to multiple animals.

Options include:


 Pencil (Graphite)

Coloured Pencil

Paint (Acrylic)

Available sizes:


8 X 10 inches 

9 X 12 inches

11 X 14 inches 

14 X 17 inches 

Custom reclaimed barn wood frames are available at an 

additional cost. See Wood Frames for more information.

Please keep in mind that portraits can take up to 1 month to

complete depending on the complexity of the project and my

workload at the time.


PENCIL (Graphite)

COLOUR (Coloured Pencil)

PAINT (Acrylic)
9 X 12 = $60
11 X 14 = $70
14 X 17 = $80
9 X 12 = $65
11 X 14 = $75
14 X 17 = $85
9 X 12 = $75
11 X 14 = $85
14 X 17 = $95
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